As a webcam model you are looking for two very important things; privacy and MONEY! This material is your work and should be protected.

Webcam Model Privacy Concerns

The privacy rights of a webcam model are important. Some want to keep their identity secret for a variety of reasons, including being subjected to stalkers or not wanting any of their family members learning of their material. Regardless of the reason, use may want to consider retaining the services of a lawyer to protect act as your representative in demanding the return of your private content.

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Stolen Webcam Content – How Do You Get It Removed?

From the very start of starting of becoming a webcam model you need to be worried about your privacy rights. There are people that will record your webcam shows and try re-posting those shows over the internet. It might be via social media or it might be uploaded to tube sites, which are…. While those who watermark their content, one may view this as free marketing; but if you are still concerned about your privacy, this could be an important issue to you and your privacy rights.

Unlike your webcam site that allows for regional blocking, tube sites typically do not – same with social media sites. There are many ways to go about removing the re-posting of your webcam shows; but those paths may be easier with the assistance of affordable legal counsel at your side. Why risk it and take value, money-making time out of your busy schedule, like any professional actress or actor, you need a qualified attorney at your side assisting you with removing your pirated content from the Internet promptly and efficiently. 

We are California Trial Lawyers who handle DMCA "take-downs" and copyright infringement litigation against individuals and/or entities who steal your privacy rights. We can help get your webcam videos removed from pirated websites and if the need arises we offer contingency fees on copyright infringement cases when DMCA demands do not result in the prompt take-down of your private property.

We have services that find the pirated material on the internet to notify us as to who to send the required legal documents to ensure your privacy is protected and the pirates stop stealing your MONEY! We search for your protected material and send out DMCA notices promptly so no time is wasted in protecting your privacy rights and your ability to earn money that is being taken from you by these thieves. We begin by sending notices to the hosting sites, tube sites, and hosting Internet Service Providers. Thereafter, if necessary, additional legal action can be taken on your behalf to ensure that the pirated content is taken down; thus protecting your rights.

We are a firm of trial lawyers offering web cam models this unprecedented level of legal protection!


Whenever you submit a DMCA "take-down" notice, a copy of your notice, with your name and address, will appear on the form and that form will be mailed to the person who stole your copyrighted videos and posted your content. Essentially, the thing you value the most, your privacy, is exposed.

Fortunately, the DMCA permits you to designate someone to act on your behalf and to submit the form to the DMCA using their contact information. Lawyers keep their clients' names and addresses confidential, so the only contact information that will be listed on the form is the lawyer's name and address; thus protecting the very privacy rights you were seeking to protect in the first place.


Even a Web-Cam or Cam Model may have to protect your privacy and identity rights. When people steal your work by recording your cam stream and private sessions, they often upload it to various websites. When this happens, these images recordings can show up everywhere. This is called piracy and it is illegal. Web-cam material and web-cam models have rights and we are here to protect those rights against Internet Piracy.


We are lawyers who use the latest technologies to locate and remove your pirated content and promptly begin the process of removing your stolen material and send DMCA takedown notices to file hosting sites, tube sites, search engines and ISP’s that are hosting or linking your stolen images and/or recordings.


We are the only legal team dedicated to protecting the privacy and income of web cam models. With our legal experience, no one comes close to offering models the level of protection we can. We have all the tools and legal knowledge to fight to protect your privacy. Our results and prices are unsurpassed!

We recognized the need for aggressive and tenacious legal firepower in the web cam industry after some of our clients came to us complaining of learning that they were victims of piracy. Too many of our clients and friends were tired of logging on to the internet after a successful day camming and seeing their shows available for free on websites collecting money from paying advertisers or worse yet, on paid websites. 

To make matters worse, some of these pirated shows were appearing in less than 30 minutes after the show! We have fought for client’s rights all of our legal career. There is no one out there more willing to fight for your privacy and MONEY at a reasonable and affordable costs.

Let’s face it, you started camming to make money. Every time your videos and pictures show up without your permission it costs you MONEY! Why would someone pay for something they can get for free? You should control WHO sees your shows, WHEN they see your shows and HOW MUCH they pay to see your performances. NO ONE but you should have that right. With our protection we will ensure that you are the one calling the shots on everything relating to your privacy.

There are thousands of illegal pirate websites out there that can host your videos and images long after your web cam days are over. It’s our job to help you determine when that day comes. With our services, only the material you choose is available on the web.

Web Cam Models may have thought and believed that their identity and privacy was protected from those who record live webcam stream and private sessions without your consent. These people can take those recordings and illegally upload them to various adult websites that make a profit off that work without you ever receiving a dime from them for all of your hard work. 


Why can’t I do this myself?

You can. If you want even more of your private information exposed. In order to complete a proper DMCA takedown notice you must disclose your personal information; name, address, and contact information. Now the person who illegally pirated your copyrighted material knows exactly where you live! Not exactly the most ideal choice and the perfect reason to hire an attorney to protect your privacy.

What makes you different?

Simple. We are the only law firm dedicated to web cam model protection. We are based in the United States (the land of the DMCA, the ammunition to get your content removed) and we’re lawyers licensed to practice law in the United States! Much like you, we are the total package!

What’s the DMCA?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The DMCA criminalizes the production and the dissemination of technology, devices, and/or services intended to circumvent measures (commonly known as digital rights management or DRM) that control access to copyrighted works. Similar Acts have been adopted in the European Union as well.

Great. What’s that mean?

Essentially, it means that ISP are not held liable for pirated material as long as they follow the provisions of the Act. If they don’t they no longer enjoy the safe harbor protection of the Act. That would mean they potentially open themselves up to liability along with the pirate.

Can you get all my content taken off?

Most of the time, yes. Due to our legal expertise the content is usually off the internet within hours. Some ISPs outside of the U.S. do not comply with the DMCA. That being said if you’re willing to fight it all the way, we’re willing to take it all the way. We have global legal contacts that can file a lawsuit or injunction anywhere in the world. These are not included in our basic services and can be quite costly.

Why do I need this service?

Chances are you aren’t taking off your clothes for free. If your material is out there for free this severely limits your earning potential. Also, when you graduate med school or law school or you complete whatever milestone web camming is a stepping stone for you want to be sure your past doesn’t follow you.

What if my videos or shows aren’t copyrighted?

You still have direct control over who can use them. You own the content and it’s copyrighted! Now if you registered the video and recorded it, the statutory penalties for infringement can be in the TENS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!!!!

It’s great that you guys are lawyers in the United States, but I don’t live there, can you help me?

Of course! Our reach is global. We can work with any ISP in the world. The majority of them have some sort of DMCA protocols set up. Your content is usually down within 24 hours!

Can I sue the person who pirated my stuff?

Absolutely! Again this is not included in our basic services, but we would be happy to discuss our contingency fee plans for filing law suits on your behalf. Often times, we never get to the law suit phase because the criminal knows they will lose and settlements are reached. These settlements can be huge money!

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